Rapid Dev

Design by simply selecting device parts that are needed


Instant configuration of devices across hardware & software

Easy Assembly

Clear instructions how to connect the parts (down to pin level)

Common Parts Trusted Suppliers

Commonly used electronic parts for production, selected on quality, price, availability.

Design Services

In addition to MIA™, we offer design services so you can get your product to market quickly. Let us handle the electronics and the software so you can focus on what makes your product unique.

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Magzor MIATM

MIA™ is a web-based design automation software that simplifies the development of robotics, IoT and mechatronic devices. MIA™ is developed for engineers, developers and entrepreneurs to speed up design and innovation.

Simple Parts Selection

Designing a device simply comes down to selecting its parts from an image based library. For example you may want sensors, motors and an Arduino control board to build a robotic device. Simply drag ‘n drop the parts in the MIA™ Build Space.

Instant Configuration

One click and MIA™ will automatically configure the electronics and software for your selected parts. Its smart engine also figures out which additional components you may need to complete your device.

Easy Assembly

MIA™ generates everything a designer needs to build a working device; the BOM, a components build map, assembly instructions, software, and PCB schematic.

Ready Start Software

MIA™ automatically generates the software (C/C++/Python) to initialize your selected parts down to the pin level. Saving substantial time in set-up a developer can start coding right away.

Hardware & Software Neutral

MIA™ is hardware and software agnostic. This means that you can design a device by mixing and matching your preferred hardware and software. Magzor will add new components to the Parts Library and welcomes requests from users and suppliers.

Trusted Parts Suppliers

The MIA™ Parts Library has been carefully selected on price, quality, availability and supplier reputation. All components are directly linked to the supplier’s product pages for instant purchasing.

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Design and Build a Device in Record Time!

Go to MIA and start designing. Registering for MIA™ only takes seconds and allows you to save your ‘Build Maps’ of the device you have designed. Once you’ve ordered and received all the parts from your suppliers, simply login to MIA™ to follow the Assembly Instructions and download the Ready Start Software so you’re set to start programming your device.

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About Magzor

MIA™ design automation software is created by Magzor Corporation, based in Southern California. Magzor’s vision of design and manufacturing is guided by the principles of modularity, simplicity, and auto-configuration. MIA™ is the culmination of extensive R&D and uniquely brings together electronics, software and mechanics in design automation. MIA™ is hardware and software neutral. Its flexible Parts Library carries commonly used electronic components from reputable suppliers. MIA™ is designed for engineers and entrepreneurs to simplify and speed up innovation in robotics, IoT and mechatronics. Founded in 2009, Magzor has been awarded multiple funding contracts by divisions of the U.S. government, including DARPA, for its advanced R&D initiatives in robotics and mechatronics design automation. Magzor was awarded ‘Finalist’ in the 2016 ABB Robotics Innovation Challenge.

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