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Instant configuration of robotics devices across hardware & software

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Design by simply selecting device components that are needed

Machines building Machines

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Incepsion™ is a robotics design automation software powered by AI. Conceptualizing a robotics device now simply comes down to selecting the required components. With one click Incepsion™ configures across hardware and software. Incepsion™ generates everything an engineer needs to build a working device; the BOM, a components build map, assembly instructions, plus the software.

The ‘Machine build Machine’ future starts with Incepsion’s modular approach. Incepsion™ reduces design time and configures across all the engineering domains, so innovation happens faster with dramatically less engineering resource.

Incepsion™ enables robotics and electronics manufacturers to speed up design and innovation. Incepsion™ is ideal for technology products that require custom development to meet the customer’s needs. Incepsion™ is equally powerful for rapid prototyping and will simplify and shorten testing cycles.

About Magzor

Incepsion™ robotics design automation software is created by Magzor Corporation, based in Southern Calfornia. Magzor’s ‘Machine build Machine’ vision is guided by the principles of modularity, simplicity, auto-configuration and mass customization. Incepsion™ is the culmination of extensive R&D and uniquely brings together electronics, software and mechanics in design automation. Incepsion™ is developed for robotics and mechatronics manufacturers.

Founded in 2009, Magzor has been awarded multiple funding contracts by divisions of the U.S. government, including DARPA, for its advanced R&D initiatives in robotics and mechatronics design automation. Magzor recently became a finalist in the 2016 ABB Robotics Innovation Challenge.

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